Axel Ross & Noah Eden

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    Duration: 18:37

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    Axel Ross has Noah Eden gagged with hands shackled behind him. Axel reaches downa nd gropes Noah’s cock in his underwear. He runs hands over Noah’s sexy chest too while kissing his neck. Reaching into the underwear Axel gropes Noah’s dick as well. That underwear bulges well as hands run all over the sexy body. Then Axel moves in front of Noah and pulls out his cock. With the gag removed Noah is able to suck on that gorge. His head is pulled onto the stiff dick and he sucks it well. After sucking for a while Noah is turned around so Axel and rim his hot ass hole. The ass cheeks are spread as he tongues the hole. Then he lubes a finger and shoves it into Noah’s tight hole. The finger fucks the hot ass hole as the cheeks are spanked too. Then a dildo, on a pole, is fucked into that hungry hole. Axel works it in and out as he also pulls on Noah’s dick. Then he stands and shoves his cock into the ass hole and starts to fuck. Noah takes that cock with ease as Axel pounds his ass. He continues to fuck as Noah lays on his back. Noah grabs his own cock and wanks hard as he feels Axel’s dick working his hole. With is cock throbbing hard Noah shoots his hot cum as Axel continues to fuck hard. Then Axel is ready too. He pulls out and wanks the cum out of his cock, shooting it over Noah’s hot body. Then he leans forward so they can kiss again.

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